The GeneralAire TERSus2000 and TERSus1200 conveniently combine 3 powerful technologies in 1 air purification system. The first stage consist of an electro-statically enhanced MERV13 media filter that removes up to 96.3% of microscopic particles and airborne allergens as small as .3 microns in size. The TERSus high efficiency filtration arrests allergy causing mold spores, pollen and lung damaging dust.

The second stage features dual Ultraviolet Germicidal lamps that kill disease causing airborne viruses, bacteria, and mold on contact. Used by hospitals to stop the spread of influenza, hepatitis, tuberculosis, pneumonia, and other diseases passed from person to person.

The third stage is the most powerful stage featuring oxidizing catalytic technology that destroys toxic chemicals and odors. This patented catalytic process converts and neutralizes stubborn odors, fumes and toxic chemicals to harmless water and carbon dioxide by-products. Healthy results and safe, there is No Ozone generation with this process.