What is a direct vent gas fireplace?
All gas fireplaces need a constant supply of fresh air in order to operate. A direct vent fireplace is common referred to a balanced flue system, meaning the unit is completely sealed, through a vent pipe configuration referred to as coaxial pipe, (one pipe inside another pipe) the flue gases from the unit are expelled through the inner pipe to the outside of the home, and the combustion air is drawn in through the outer pipe. Direct Vent Fireplaces offer good efficiency because they don't steal heated air from the living space.

My Luxor gas fireplace has either a very blue or very yellow flame, is it adjustable?
All Luxor gas fireplaces come equipped with an adjustable air shutter to control the amount of air mixture to the burner. The more air that the burner receives in the gas to air ratio in the venture tube the more bluer the burner flame effect will be, the downside of having to much air to the burner is a small unnatural wood looking burner effect. As the adjustable air shutter is closed and the air to gas ratio decreases and the burner receives less air the more yellow the flame will become, it is very important to find a happy medium, to blue looks unnatural for a wood fire, but too yellow can cause the unit to soot, marking the inside of your Luxor gas fireplace with unattractive soot marks as well as possibly transferring to the outside of your home through the co-axial vent pipe leaving a black soot mark.