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Do you like to save money? Of course you do! Before you pay for a service call give our easy 4-step procedure a try! Most issues are a simple fix!

  1. No Power: Make sure your Furnace Switch is “On”, even if your Air Conditioner is the problem. Might seem obvious but every furnace has a switch, most are noticeable but some look just like a light switch. Make sure that the switch is on the “On” position. Furthermore check your breaker, make sure your Furnace & Air Conditioner breakers didn’t trip. Still not working? Try Step 2.
  2.  Air Filter: Most issues are caused from a dirty air filter. When’s the last time you checked your filter? On average your filter should be changed every 2-3 months depending on several factors (Size of house & filter, pets, etc.). A dirty filter can cause many issues for both your Furnace and Air Conditioner. Still not working? Try Step 3.
  3. Check your Thermostat: Make sure your Thermostat has power & is set to “Cooling”. If your thermostat screen is black (Off) check / replace the batteries. No Batteries? If there is nowhere to put batteries it will be powered by you furnace, check your furnace power (See Step 1). To test your system set your cooling temperature a few degrees below the current temperature in your house. Still not working? Try Step 4.
  4. Air Conditioners on but isn’t cooling: If your filter is dirty it could have froze up your coil. When your Air Conditioner is running go around and check your registers to see if any air is coming out. If no air is coming out, your coil is frozen. The only way to fix this is to turn your “Cooling” off on your thermostat and leave it off for 6-8 hours minimum to let the coil thaw (NOTE: Make sure to change your air filter). Still not working? Send us an Email or Call us Today following the information below!

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